Funded by a $600,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation, HomeAid America was recently able to give their child organization, HomeAid Atlanta, a boost with their Environmental Sustainability Projects.

HomeAid Atlanta is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Associations, which provides transitional housing for the temporary homeless. Currently, HomeAid Atlanta has completed more than 16 housing communities that provide a safe place for homeless families and individuals to rebuild their lives.

Using funds from the generous Walmart Foundation donation, HomeAid Atlanta started an energy efficiency program in the Atlanta area during September 2012 to retrofit existing nonprofit facilities who serve the homeless, in an effort to reduce energy costs and increase facility capabilities.

During September of this year, Tapestry Youth Ministries, a local nonprofit organization that serves homeless teen-mothers and their children, was included in this energy upgrade project. Using HomeAid Atlanta’s partner, Green Day Energy Company, extensive energy efficient improvements were made to the College Park home that Tapestry uses for their organization. After upgrading the nonprofit’s home with energy improvements such as better insulation, air seals, low flow faucets and toilets, and energy efficient lighting, Green Day Energy estimates the small nonprofit will save almost $9,000 per year in energy costs!

For more information about this HomeAid Atlanta Environmental Sustainability Program, please visit the HomeAid Atlanta website.

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