Granite countertops and more on PinterestEven though our Big Green Egg contest is over, you can still find great inspiration on the Construction Resources Pinterest page. Our Pinterest page is filled with products, projects, styles and trends that can help you find the fit that is right for you, and expose you to options outside of the traditional materials. In addition, we have a wide sample of completed jobs, so you can rest assured that our fabrication facility can handle a huge range of projects, from your future Cambria or granite countertop to bath specialty glass, and install them just the way you want.

The largest wealth of pins is from our contest, with a huge collection of images related to what pinners consider to be uniquely southern style. The kitchens or bathrooms that were entered in the contest represent a huge variation in “what is southern style” from traditional to modern, whole designs to accents and more. While it is too late to win the Big Green Egg, we would love to include and share more designs with those who aspire to make their homes the best they can.

To learn more, check out the Construction Resources Pinterest page. Once you have an idea of the project you want to bring to life, or elements you want to include, our showroom design teams can help you make it part of your home. Just stop by any of our showrooms in Georgia, Alabama or Florida to engage in your next kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity project.

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