bhi2Some of the nation’s biggest builders have already discovered one of Internet marketing’s biggest secrets – Video Works! This is a phrase commonly heard in regards to Internet marketing for home builders, but specifically how does it work. Well, according to, adding video to a Web site can:

  • Drive 36% more clicks to the site
  • 20% more inbound calls to the company
  • More than double the time that visitors spend on the site

Basically, adding video is a way to attract more visitors to your site, keep them there longer and convert them into leads. Man of the leading builders in the nation, like Pulte Homes, David Weekley Homes and Ryland Homes as well as many others, rely on Builder Homesite Inc. for their online community tours. The reason behind this is simple. BHI Media’s templated process makes producing high-quality online videos quick, easy and affordable for builders of all sizes. They come to the community with all of the necessary equipment and shoot the entire production themselves. Then, they edit and add voice-overs to make the video really stand out.

BHI Media is available in any market and many of their video deals include still photos as well. Be sure to check them out soon because Web sites that are still using still photo slide shows as “virtual tour” are quickly becoming obsolete.

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