AREF avatarVideo has rapidly become one of the most popular social media tools on the web. As Domino’s and United Airlines have learned, it only takes video a couple of hours to negatively impact your brand for millions of viewers. So, if it is so powerful that an interesting video can be viewed millions of times in just a couple of hours, then there is no question that real estate professionals should be using videos to help sell their homes and promote their communities. While a home tour may not be viewed 2 million times, it will be viewed by hundreds of potential home buyers interested in learning more about the products you sell.

So, what conclusions did we come to this morning during #AREFchat?

First, many home builders and real estate agents are currently using videos for virtual tours of their model homes and communities. They have set up YouTube accounts, which are updated regularly, and the videos are also posted on their corporate websites as well as blogs. This means if you haven’t already begun incorporating videos into your Internet marketing strategy, you are falling way behind.

Next, why use videos? That question was answered very easily – a video is more inclusive than a slide show of photos. Potential home shoppers can get a true sense of what your community is like and understand the layout of different floorplans with videos. As @HighlandHomesFL said “We do a walk through of model homes for buyers that don’t get a chance to see them in person.”

We also discussed tricks of the trade, with the most popular being that videos should not be any longer than 2 minutes. Attention spans are shorter than ever, so there is really no need for any video to be longer than 2 minutes. Some participants even suggested that videos be only 90 seconds or less. However, everyone agreed that was sufficient time to get a detailed tour of your model or home.

Next week, we are moving #AREFchat back to 10:00 a.m. Don’t forget to join us on Twitter to discuss different topics pertaining to real estate. We would love input from real estate professionals all across the country, especially anyone attending IBS. Feel free to send us suggestions for topics.

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