Soleil Laurel Canyon’s community is bound together by clubs, events and the resort lifestyle. Residents can often be found at the clubhouse, on the tennis courts or walking the community. However, these friendships go well beyond clubs and activities; residents of the community can also be found displaying a deep appreciation for one another and rallying around common causes. This is camaraderie is displayed each year on Veterans Day at Soleil.

The nucleus of the community, Soleil’s Clubhouse, is the focal point for year-round appreciation of Soleil’s brethren of veterans. The halls glow with plaques of Soleil’s service men and women, detailing their name, branch and years served. The lifestyle directors in the community take their appreciation door-to-door each Veterans Day by visiting the house of each veteran, placing miniature American flags in their yards and thanking them personally for their service to our country.

The community also bands together to thank their veteran neighbors and the service men and women of our country. Clubs like the Lady Bug Quilters have been busy this year as they’ve been making two quilts for the Quilt of Valor Foundation, which will be on display in the clubhouse lobby on November 11th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. These quilts will then be sent to the Quilt of Valor Foundation and are given to our country’s injured and wounded veterans.  The Lady Bug Quilters accepts donations to make more quilts using special patriotic fabrics, which makes these creations so unique. For more information or to donate, please contact Soleil Laurel Canyon at 678-880-3071 or visit

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