Marketing promotions today can seem overwhelming and nebulous, but there is a way to use promotions to effectively build business. On today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss how to get the most out of marketing promotions.

Morgan explains that to be successful, a marketing promotion needs to be “all-encompassing” across media. She says that to hit goals, promotions do best when they span social media, banner ads, public relations, blogs and websites. These targeted messages can be designed with each platform in mind. Whereas an image and quick hashtag works great on Instagram, a banner ad on a related website has the potential to capture an addition audience.

Of course, with any marketing initiative, Morgan and Schnick underline the importance of beginning with a strategy and a goal in mind. Without a strategy, the promotion will be aimless, and without a goal, there’s no way to measure efficacy. Whether a business wants to attract social media followers, encourage phone calls or capture email addresses, knowing the goal ahead of time will also allow businesses to craft messages that work toward these goals.

With that in mind, the two stress tracking the promotion. Using web stats, Facebook Insights and other analytics, businesses can see if their marketing is paying off. If a promotion runs across a longer time span, tracking effectiveness at regular intervals will show if the messages and ads are working or not. If they are, firms can use more of those techniques, and if not, they can adapt to bring them closer to their goal.

Listen to today’s segment to hear more tips and tricks on marketing promotions, or contact Morgan to learn more.


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