total solar eclipse

The upcoming solar eclipse is almost here! On August 21, North Americans will witness one of the most remarkable and breathtaking natural phenomenons to occur since the last North American total solar eclipse in February of 1979.

Excited about watching the Earth go dark in the middle of the day? Here are a few things to know about viewing the solar eclipse in your area safely.

Find out what time of day the eclipse will take place where you live. Vox has an interactive map of the eclipse here. Enter your ZIP code in the yellow box and the map will show what time the solar eclipse will occur in your area. For example, in downtown Atlanta (ZIP code 30303), the total solar eclipse will take place at approximately 2:36 p.m. and the moon will block 97.1 percent of the sun from view.

It is also very important to protect your eyes from the sun during a total solar eclipse. During the eclipse, it will be safe to look directly at the sun, but only if your eyes are protected with special-purpose solar filters, or “eclipse glasses.” The Atlanta Journal Constitution created a comprehensive list of where eclipse viewers can purchase eclipse eyewear and how to avoid purchasing counterfeits. Find out where to get your eclipse glasses on the web, in retail chains and more in Metro Atlanta here. For more tips on viewing the solar eclipse safely, visit

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