McCar Homes and LP have built the new University of Georgia mascot, UGA VII, a new home that is sure to keep him happy! The adorable red doghouse is trimmed in black and sports a white roof.

His name and plenty of Georgia “G’s” are placed all over, making this doghouse fit for the newest member of the UGA dynasty. McCar used LP building products and put a lot of thought into engineering the perfect game day resting spot for UGA.

The home uses all environmentally friendly products and includes an air conditioning unit, radiant barrier, and siding with a 50 year warranty. The radiant barrier is a unique building product that keeps homes cooler without putting stress on the AC unit and can lower cooling bills by 17%. In fact, when compared to the old UGA doghouse, the new radiant barrier kept this doghouse 20 degrees cooler without even turning on the AC! That is essential for a bulldog who has trouble staying cool in the day time heat. The house even comes equipped with LP TopNotch 350 Sub-Florring which has self-draining notches, so that on a really hot day, UGA VII can lay on a bag of ice without making a mess in his new home. So whether you will be attending this Saturday’s University of Georgia game against Georgia Southern, or will be watching it from home, make sure you notice a happy UGA VII lounging around in his new environmentally friendly home from McCar and LP products.

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