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Theo Jones, managing member of UDI Group, joins Todd Schnick and Bryan Nonni on the All About Real Estate edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show.

Originally from Oakland, CA, Jones attended a technical college just outside Orlando, FL. After graduating with a recording arts and entertainment business degree, Jones moved to metro Atlanta and recognized the opportunity for redevelopment and investment.

Jones explains how he got his start, “I got my CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in 2007. I slept in my truck for over almost two years and saved enough money to buy my first investment property in 2009.”

UDI Group really focuses on revitalizing distressed neighborhoods and under resourced communities. The company’s underlying goal is to take developments and areas that would otherwise be destroyed and revive them with tenants. Currently they are focused on the Oakland City and West End area of metro Atlanta, but the company is also making a push toward more properties in Northwest Atlanta.

The solutions provided by UDI Group reflect its understanding of the urban city housing market. UDI aims to add value to the properties it acquires — by investing its own resources; the group ensures the overall benefit of that property and the area.

The process entails gathering resources, identifying a distressed area and then enhancing that area. The goal is to be optimistic with realistic expectations. Once the property is flipped and remodeled to standards, the group works toward maintaining and up keeping the image of that neighborhood with landscaping services, management services and other hands-on services.

To learn more about UDI Group, LLC, click play on the podcast player at the top of this post. For more information about this company or to contact UDI Group, visit

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