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Water heaters are a necessary unit in any home, but what if the water heater is using more energy than it should and driving up utility costs? In this Ty Talks episode, Ty Pennington explains the need for an energy-efficient water heater and what impact switching will have for both the home and budget.

According to Ty, the water heater is the second biggest user of electricity in the home, responsible for 19 percent of total electricity costs. Of course, there are ways to reduce this cost, such as lowering the water heater’s temperature or installing an insulated blanket around the tank, but inevitably, the water heater itself will need to be replaced, providing the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a more energy efficient, electric smart water heater.

The A.O. Smith Conservationist features upper and lower Phoenix heating elements, designed to perform more efficiently and last up to three times longer than standard copper elements. To ensure quality, the A.O. Smith Conservationist also includes a standard 10-year limited tank and parts warranty.

The most impressive game changer with this unit is how it is controlled and communicated with versus traditional water heater units. Connecting the A.O. Smith Conservationist to a compatible energy management system provides seamless control of how the unit operates. A smartphone can now adjust the water heater from running normally to energy saver or vacation mode. This particular unit is also smart grid-enabled, meaning it can detect low power consumption within the nearby network and only run when it would be most cost-efficient, helping the environment while alleviating energy costs.

“Energy-efficient living in your home is really about doing more while consuming less,” explains Ty. “That’s something we can all do today!”

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