Ty Talks: Remodeling Presented by Jackson EMC

Jackson EMC recently launched a series of Ty Talks featuring television star and home energy expert Ty Pennington to share his knowledge concerning home automation, efficiency, remodeling and more with its members.

When discussing home automation, many might simply think of turning lights on and off with their cell phone or setting a soundtrack throughout the house for daily chores and activities, but home automation has evolved to become so much more than that.

“The best way to automate your home, is to link as many systems you can with your security system, like security systems with Z-wave technology from EMC Security” explains Ty. “That way things like your heating and air, water heater, lights and locks can all interface and be automatically controlled by your security system.”

Ty further explains the reasons for connecting such items to your security system itself. The security system knows when you are home or away depending on how its armed, and can adjust the thermostat for vacant or occupied status. This includes setting the thermostat to a specific temperature or setting specific lights to turn on when the alarm is triggered. In emergency situations, certain lights such as the front porch light can be set to blink continually until help arrives.

Additionally, if a homeowner leaves without setting the alarm, the Geofencing feature will send a phone notification to set the security system and lock doors from there. Security systems with Z-wave technology provide complete control of a home’s security and energy efficiency from ultimately anywhere.

“Energy-efficient living in your home is about being able to do more while consuming less,” said Ty. “Using a home security system with home automation is a really great way to do that.”

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