With smartphones increasingly becoming a vital part of our lives and integrated into everything from calling to turn-by-turn navigation and online shopping, it is important to realize that in addition to all the many ways that smartphones can help you spend money, there are also great ways to stay on top of your finances with the help of your mobile devices. From mobile

ID protection to insurance options, the world of finance is at your fingertips with a smartphone. The Equifax Finance Blog shares great apps to download in the article, “

Access Insurance Resources from Your Smartphone.”

There are resources for all kinds of insurance, and it never hurts to be prepared. Depending on your coverage, your insurer may have a helpful app to make claims easier. Many of the big players in the insurance game, from Allstate and State Farm for auto insurance to Aetna and Kaiser Permanente for health insurance, offer apps to make life easier for their policy holders. Some are great even if you aren’t working though that provider, like Allstate’s app offers emergency roadside assistance for everyone, but policy holders get a discount on services.

To learn more about great apps for your smartphone and tablet that can make life easier, check out the full article on the Equifax Finance Blog.

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