Walt Ray, PLA, AICP with Trust for Public Land joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the Chattahoochee River Project.

Despite the fact that Atlanta has a river flowing through the center of it, it isn’t known as a river city. We are hoping that changes with the Chattahoochee River Project and Atlanta embraces the river the way that Chattanooga, Tennesse or Greenville, South Carolina have creating areas where the public can interact with the river. Chattahoochee Program Director Walt Ray, PLA, AICP with Trust for Public Land joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the Chattahoochee River Project. On the All About Real Estate segment, Ray chats with host Carol Morgan about how the public can access the river and ways to get involved with the project.

Walt Ray, PLA, AICP is a professional landscape architect and part of the American Urban Planners Association. Growing up on a quaint farm on the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, Ray spent most of his time exploring along the river – starting his passion for the outdoors and riverside culture. Ray holds a degree in landscape architecture from Clemson University and has spent much of his career working in the public realm, including helping communities understand their needs, building census on the public’s wants and designing outdoor spaces. Joining the Trust for Public Land team in 2017, Ray is head of activating and conserving the Chattahoochee River and its valley from Helen to Columbus, Georgia.

Trust for Public Land is a national nonprofit organization that aims to connect individuals to the benefits and joys of the outdoors. Beginning in 1972, the organization has over 30 offices nationwide and has protected approximately two-million acres of public land across the country, including many beloved national and state parks. Raising close to 84 billion dollars in public funding, Trust for Public Land has connected over nine-million people to the outdoors through building and protecting lands, parks and trails.

Ray said, “We believe that access to the outdoors is a fundamental human need and that communities are stronger and healthier when everyone can get outdoors to engage with neighbors and nature!”

With the Chattahoochee River spending decades in the shadows of industrial sites, train stations, sewer lines, golf courses and much more, very few know the river, its location and how to access it safely. Early on in his stint at Trust for Public Land, Ray knew the Chattahoochee River was a significantly large project. In 2018, the Trust of Public Land began its journey of reviving the river with public engagement, and in 2020 Ray and his team proposed 125 miles of continuous trail featuring 25 new or improved river crossings, 42 trailheads, connected parks and greenspaces and many more exciting amenities.

You can explore the entire Chattahoochee River Project vision at www.ChattahoocheeRiverLands.com.

Individuals and businesses interested in getting involved with the Chattahoochee River Project can visit the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area or the river within parks in Carroll County, Duluth and Sandy Springs. In addition, Trust for Public Land is hosting volunteer days to help build the Chattahoochee RiverLands and guided tours in Smyrna for larger groups to see renderings and designs of upcoming developments. You can also donate toward the Chattahoochee River Project at www.ChattahoocheeRiverLands.com.

Ray said, “Seeing is believing! We welcome all volunteers, visitors and donors who are willing!”

Tune into the full interview above to learn more about the Trust of Public Land, or visit www.TPL.org.

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