This year marks the 40th anniversary of Traton Homes, an Atlanta home builder who has maintained a reputation for quality. The builder continually earns the GuildMaster designation by GuildQuality, and has a myriad of happy homeowners delighted to be part of the Traton Family.

Traton Homes was created in 1971, the brainchild of Clifford Poston and her children Bill, Milburn and Marian. The company is still family owned and operated, and Clifford is a daily fixture in the Marietta office, inspiring all of the company’s employees.

Traton Homes is proud to offer homebuyers Altogether More, meaning the best locations, unique architecture and incredible value. Part of Traton Homes’ commitment to quality is its GuildMaster designation from GuildQuality. Traton Homes is one of only 154 home builders, remodelers, developers and contractors in North America to be recognized for superlative performance by GuildQuality this year. To receive the Guildmaster Award, companies must show exemplary customer service, as demonstrated by an extremely high customer recommendation rate of 90 percent or better. In the real estate industry, the average recommendation rate for businesses is approximately 70 percent.

You don’t have to take Traton Homes’ word that that its homes are built with superior materials and customer service is second to none, you can read Traton Homes reviews on its review blog. The reviews are taken straight from comments delivered to GuildQuality after a new home is closed.

To learn more about Traton Homes, visit the builder’s website.

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