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    Without tracking online traffic, it can be difficult for businesses to determine how effective marketing strategies are. By analyzing traffic and from where it comes, businesses can make sure to spend their marketing budget in appropriate ways. On today’s segment Marketing Minute of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss online traffic and how to track it.

    Morgan explains that there are multiple sources of web traffic. Organic, direct, referral, social, email and paid traffic can all impact a business’s bottom line. Organic traffic will differ from email traffic, not just in where the traffic originated, but also what its goals are. Someone who finds a business using a search engine may not be as ready to make a buying decision as someone who comes to a site by following an email link or banner ad.

    By looking at tracking data, Morgan says firms can determine which of their marketing initiatives are producing results. By using tracking code in a banner ad or other graphics, businesses now have the power to make marketing decisions easier, “and more effective.”

    Morgan draws a distinction between leads and goals, which both come from traffic. Leads are when someone comes to a website and completes a contact form. This person may or may not be serious about making a purchasing decision. But a goal is when someone takes a more definitive action, such as clicking to call or clicking to download. These actions are buying signals, and it indicates someone who is close to making a decision. Tracking this kind of traffic helps businesses reach interested buyers.

    Finally, Morgan suggests that reviewing traffic month-over-month is important, but more so is year-over-year. While improving from March to April in traffic is admirable, what companies want to see is growth from, say, last April to this April. From this data, firms determine what is working and what is not.

    To learn more about tracking online traffic, listen to today’s segment, and contact Morgan at Denim Marketing.



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