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Gina Spearman returns for the current edition of Academy Mortgage’s Mortgage Minutes series. This week, Gina continues to explain the reasons why buyers are choosing to purchase a new home instead of a used home.

Continuing from last week’s episode, another reason many buyers are choosing a new home is because they are built with cutting-edge technology. The advanced technology systems and products that are used to build a home today will help lead to a more low-maintenance lifestyle for the buyer. Homeowners will also save money throughout the life of the home because of the energy-efficient products that are being installed.

Another benefit of purchasing a new home is having a home warranty. A home warranty will cover those costly home repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear. This means you will not have to stress about when the roof is going to need to be replaced or worry about the cost of the water heater when it goes out.


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