Larkspur kitchen design with red accents

Our designers at Edward Andrews Homes have chosen the top emerging design trends they have spotted in early 2019. The most prominent shifts in design from 2018 will be seen in color, textures and the kitchen.

Bixton Model Showcasing Bold Color

  1. Color

We are seeing homeowners leaning away from cool gray and white tones in favor of warmer grays and neutrals. Another new favorable color choice is bold colors. Bold wall colors are a way to create some drama and call attention to a specific area in the home. We are seeing this in a solid color more so than a dramatic wallpaper or pattern. The bold, solid color serves as a great backdrop for a unique piece of furniture or art. Hardwood flooring is still trending in the lighter direction. The lighter colors lend themselves well to that open and airy feel that many homeowners want.

Swift model home showcasing textures

  1. Textures

Layering rooms with different textures and finishes continues its popularity. We see this with mixed metals in lighting and furniture, bringing in texture through art and rugs, and adding natural elements to a space. There is one texture specific item that is stepping out of the spotlight in 2019: bulky wood shelves. We are going to start seeing homeowners steer away from these shelves and transition to a sleek, clean glass shelf.

Edenton model kitchen

  1. The Kitchen

As the kitchen is still the hub of the home, we are seeing a trend directed at a little more dramatic and expressive space, instead of just white on white. For example, instead of having a separate island color, homeowners are experimenting with different base and upper cabinet colors. Navy blue, hunter green and black are making their presence known in this room. While the subway tile is still a heavy favorite, fun backsplashes with bold patterns or designs are also becoming increasingly popular. White/light countertops are still very popular, but darker tones are beginning to emerge for countertops. Warmer grays and taupe’s will become increasingly popular in countertops as well.

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