Aazim Sharp, credit consultant with Leaf Credit Repair, sat down with hosts Todd Schnick and Carol Morgan for this week’s All About Real Estate edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show.

The trio discussed the importance of maintaining a good credit score as well as how to improve a bad score. Aazim first pointed out that the best way to get an accurate representation of what a person’s credit score should be is to get one from myfico.com. All other website like Credit Karma and Free Credit Score use a different algorithm to determine the score. This means they are much less accurate.
A good score is considered to be somewhere between the 700-759 range. Scores that are 760 to 800 are considered excellent and Aazim mentioned a score of 800 is very difficult to achieve.  Anything below a 700 could use improvement.

Aazim said one of the best tools for repairing bad credit is knowledge of the credit system. Most lenders don’t want consumers learning the “method to the madness” and that’s where Aazim and his team step in.

Aazim knows from personal experience what it is like to have credit problems. In learning to fix his own issues, he took the time to learn the system and now he and his team are able to help others.

Other tips Aazim recommends are to never have more than ten percent of a credit card’s limit unpaid on the card. For example, if a credit card has a $1,000 limit, never have more than a $100 balance on the card.

The most important tip however, is to never miss a payment. This is the factor that is weighed most heavily when determining a credit score.

For more credit tips or for credit repair services, visit leafcreditrepair.com and for more information about the Atlanta housing scene, check out AtlantaRealEstateForum.com.

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