Who wouldn’t benefit from knowing how to sell homes more efficiently in today’s market. Well, these tips come from RE/MAX Around Atlanta partner Cleve Gaddis. Gaddis was part of a real estate agent team that has closed over $140 million in the last six years, and his success, initiative and leadership qualities recently got him promoted to partner of the whole company. So what can you do to help sell homes quickly in todays market? Gaddis says:

  • Make the front exterior of the home “pop.” This goes beyond curb appeal, you have to make the home really stand out. Pressure wash the brick, stucco, trim, driveway and freshen up the colors of the shutters and front door. Also, wash all of the windows until they sparkle. Make sure that the lawn is well manicured – bright green grass, trimmed plants, colorful flowers, etc. Really put in the effort into making the home beautiful.
  • Inspect and make repairs. You can hire a specialist that will come and conduct a thorough inspection, however this is just hitting the surface. Take the next step by correcting and fixing all the needed repairs so that the buyer won’t have to. Provide copies of the home inspection report to all prospective buyers along with a list of all repairs that have been taken care of.
  • Stage a commercial. When prospective buyers tour your home, they are experiencing a commercial for your home. You need to ensure that everything the buyer sees, smells, hears and feels is appealing. Make sure every room is immaculate.
  • Make the home easy to show. Be flexible and ready to get out of the home at a moment’s notice to allow buyers to look at their convenience. Don’t demand “appointment only” unless special circumstances require it. Remember that if it isn’t convenient for a buyer to look at your home, then they may move on to others.

These may seem like a lot of work or a hassle, but they can really make a difference in the eye of the homebuyer. Being partner of one of the largest Atlanta real estate companies, Gaddis knows what sells a home and what doesn’t. While these may seem like daunting and inconvenient tasks, in the current real estate market shouldn’t you take all precautions necessary to sell your home quickly?

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