back-to-school tips from Traton Homes

With summer coming to an end, it’s time for kids to go back to school! Starting a new school year is always an exhilarating yet hectic time as parents prepare children for school routines after months of relaxing summer vacation. Before the big day arrives, here are some helpful back-to-school tips from Traton Homes to guarantee your child is prepared for another fantastic academic year!

Make a Back-To-School Checklist

On the first day, your child will need to arrive to class with all the necessary supplies in tow. Luckily, most teachers provide a checklist of the needed supplies for the whole year. If your child’s teacher did not provide this, there are plenty of resources online with suggested common supplies for each grade level! Pull up a chair to your Traton Homes kitchen island to make a list of all the items your child may need for a successful school year!

Stock Up on Lunch Snacks

Before heading to the store to complete back-to-school grocery shopping, decide what you want to pack in your child’s lunchbox and the ingredients you will need. Once you’ve gathered all the desired lunch items, your Traton Homes kitchen delivers plenty of space needed to keep everything organized and tucked away! This is the perfect time to take advantage of the ample amount of cabinet space and the spacious walk-in pantry.

Create a Focused Homework Space

After a long day at school, children need a designated place at home to complete homework. Ideally, this space should be quiet and located away from any potential distractions, such as communal spaces and electronics. Fortunately, Traton Homes offers flexible spaces that can be used as a home office or a study nook far enough away from the main living areas, creating the perfect environment for your student to stay focused on the task at hand!

Organize School Items

Leading up to the first day of the new year, curate the perfect morning routine for a successful school year. To avoid frantically searching for everything you need while also leaving on time, Traton Homes suggests organizing items such as shoes and backpacks in a designated spot. Complete with hooks, shelves, and built-in bench seating, utilizing your home’s mudroom can give your student’s school items their own special place. With this convenient feature, you’ll always know exactly where to find everything you need before taking on another day of learning!

With these back-to-school tips from Traton Homes, do you feel ready to start another great school year? We hope so!

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