Mix together a large supply of unsold homes, millions of foreclosures, new lending and appraisal guidelines, and a healthy dose of reality television, and it feels like you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to selling your home.

You’ve listed your home, and your real estate agent has mentioned the competition. You’ve priced it carefully to make sure it will appraise at the price you’re asking. But reality television? Really?

Yes. According to real estate expert Ilyce Glink and her recent post on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, buyers have been watching a lot of television. They’ve gotten doses of homes that are easily transformed in an hour, and they’ve seen homebuyers tour (and identify problems with) more homes than they can count. Now it’s their turn to be the buyers, and they expect everything to look like it does on TV.

That’s why Glink’s first tip in her post, “

Selling a House: 4 Tips to Get More Buyers through Your Door,”  is to clean, stage  and decorate your home so that it could be on television. She gives links to staging videos that will help you identify opportunities in your own home.

Another of Glink’s tips is to make sure your home has a strong presence online. She not only mentions real estate sites where your broker or agent should list your home, but she also provides direction for creating and posting blogs and videos that are specific to your home.

Unfortunately, there’s no one recipe that will work for selling every home. You have to mix a little of this and a lot of that before you come up with the right combination for your house and your location. Glink lists more recommendations on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog. What are the ingredients you think a home must have to sell? Join the conversation!

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