With so many families moving into Keystone communities each month, we thought now would be a good time to provide some helpful tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. Whether your new home is in Aiken, S.C., or Augusta, Ga., this is an exciting new chapter in your life. Here is some advice on making sure everything goes according to plan.

  • Start packing early. Most of us have more stuff than we realize, and procrastinating only makes us feel overwhelmed later. By planning ahead and packing items you do not use every day, you’ll have less to do when it’s finally time to move. Plus, breaking up the packing process makes things more manageable and fun!
  • For some homebuyers, a new home represents a brand new start. Consider selling or donating any items you no longer use or want before moving. You’ll save on moving costs and may even generate extra income to decorate your new home.
  • Avoid spending money on packing materials. Instead, use old linens and towels to pack fragile items.
  • Don’t overpack your boxes. While it may seem smart to minimize the number of boxes you bring with you, having a box break due to too much weight will cause more stress than its worth.
  • Label your boxes! Taking the time to label now will save you from a lot of guesswork at your new Aiken, S.C., home.
  • Fill out any change of address forms in advance so that you won’t have to worry about them during your busy moving day.
  • Also, be sure and switch your utilities over as well. This will keep you from paying two energy bills at once and ensure that you arrive at a fully-functioning home.
  • Ask friends and family for help. Having others nearby to assist you will make everything go smoother and can make the experience fun and memorable.

If you’re ready to move, don’t forget these helpful tips.

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