home photo galleryOne of the most exciting aspects of moving into an Augusta new home is getting to establish your own style through choices in wall colors, furnishings, cabinet finishes, window treatments, flooring and more. If you have a collection of photos and paintings, you’ll even have the perfect space to create your own mini art gallery.

Here are seven creative ways to display your works of art:

  1. Choose a palette: Enhance your space by showcasing works in a variety of shades or using works in complimentary colors.
  2. Layout matters: Before just randomly hanging things on the wall, lay your artwork out to test different setups. Decide on a focal point and then build from there.
  3. Placement counts: Before you hang your art, think carefully about what’s around it. If you’re hanging it above a piece of furniture, be sure to leave eight inches between them.
  4. Tell a story: Gallery walls can be used to document your experiences and travels or tell a story.
  5. Be bold: This is the perfect chance to be bold and make a statement, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Mix paintings with photographs, black and white with colors and pieces of different sizes.
  6. Frame your work: Art isn’t the only component of a gallery wall, you need to consider what types, colors and sizes of frames you want to your art to be showcased in and if they will all be the same or different.
  7. Have fun: Don’t overthink it! Establishing your unique gallery doesn’t have to follow a specific formula.

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