decorating Augusta new homesWhen home buyers are out touring new home possibilities, oftentimes one of the many things running through their minds is how they would decorate their new home. Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to choosing colors and fabrics, while others may be designer disasters. If you need a little design advice when it comes to adding flair to your Augusta new home, we’re offering up a few tips from experts who can help you become a pattern pro.

  • Three is the magic number. When it comes to mixing and matching, experts say three is the minimum number of patterns to use, while scale is the second most important consideration. Your first pattern should be large-scale since it will dominate the room. The second pattern should be different from the first, contain some of the same colors and be about half as large. The third can be similar to either of the first two with a few of the same colors found in the other patterns.
  • Choose companions. When in doubt, rely on companion fabrics that make the matching process a little easier. Fabric companies often create two to four patterns in a particular color palette that are designed to complement each other within the same room.
  • Mind the function. Patterns do affect how a room feels. Larger patterns create harmony and pull a space together, while smaller patterns draw attention to specific parts of a room. Additionally, busy patterns raise the room’s energy level, while simple patterns promote a sense of serenity.
  • Maintain color. Different patterns will always complement each other if they are made from the same set of dyes in the same hue.
  • Take care with whites. Make sure your whites are all in the same family. Whether you are choosing cream, bright white or off-white, if the whites don’t match, the fabric will stand out and take away from the attractive combinations you intended to create.

Of course, at Keystone Homes we have several design experts on staff who can give you advice on everything from color choices to the other features of your new home.

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