Grandchildren are a blessing that have been subject to spoiling by their grandparents for generations. As a grandparent, it’s truly incredible to witness your family’s legacy extend through the growth of your grandchildren. Whether you’re treating your grandchildren to ice cream, a day at the park or spending the evening with them chasing fireflies, quality time with your grandchildren is a priceless, marvelous and memorable experience for both of you.

Summer is an excellent time to plan a fun day of activities with your grandchildren. Here are a few ideas that will help you to create memories that you will share for a lifetime:

  • Take your grandchild outdoors and show them the beauties of Mother Nature. Whether you take them on a hiking trail or just around the neighborhood, your grandchildren will enjoy learning about life in the outdoors and seeing animals in their natural habit. Don’t forget to bring binoculars!
  • Start a project with your grandchild and teach them the value of hard work and collaboration. You can build a bird house or plant a garden; regardless, your grandchildren will always remember working with you and seeing the project come to fruition.
  • Ah, the sweet taste of lemonade on a hot summer day! No one can deny its splendid thirst-quenching flavor, so open a neighborhood lemonade stand with your grandchildren and introduce them to the child’s version of the “American Dream”. They will never forget serving up the neighborhood’s hottest ticket item and making a little cash!

Doesn’t some time with your grandchild sound fun? At Soleil Laurel Canyon, residents aren’t the only ones having fun. Families, especially grandchildren, are often spending time with their favorite active adults throughout the summer. Today, Soleil residents will be spending time with their grandchildren for the Grand Kids Day II event. Pizza, bread sticks, sno-cones and lemonade will be provided, along with a building clinic for kids presented by Lowe’s. This is a great opportunity for residents to make unforgettable memories with their grandchildren that both will cherish for a lifetime.

Could you see yourself spoiling your grandchildren in all that the resort life has to offer? Visit to learn more, or see what premier active adult living is really like by taking a Discovery Tour. Call 678-880-3071 to schedule your tour today.

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