Baby, it’s hot outside in Atlanta, Ga. I guess that is why we call it HOTlanta! It is time to tune up your air conditioning equipment to prevent breakdowns and minimize electrical consumption. Here are some three simple steps to keep cool this summer:

  1. Research maintenance programs.  Contact HVAC contractors and ask them for more information on how this works. What is covered in an annual contract,  what does it costs, how often they come and what other discounts or advantages are offered by being in their program.  Having a maintenance contract will help increase the uptime for your air conditioner. It should also reduce the utility bill for your Atlanta, Ga home by ensuring that your equipment if operating at peak levels.
  2. Change the air filters. This is the perfect do it yourself project. HVAC contractors recommend changing them every 3 to 6 months to keep your air clean and reduce the strain on the HVAC unit. It is interesting to note that the more efficient filters (such as the HEPA filters) need to be changed more often.  If you really want higher rated filters you need to go to duct mounted media filters or electronic air cleaners.  Contact your air conditioning contractor for costs.
  3. Do a visual examination of your outdoor compressor. Make sure to keep plants, shrubs and vines at least 6 inches away from the unit. You want to provide your HVAC contractor with some room to work, as well as make sure the unit can breathe.  Restricting air flow across the outdoor coil raises pressure, reduces capacity and increases utility bills. None of us want a higher energy bill on our Atlanta home! You also need to make sure there are no signs of fire ants around your outdoor units.  They get into the  electrical components and cause  major repair bills.

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