As we come down to the wire for preparing taxes or filing an extension, you are running out of time to set an appointment or get your house in order for taxes. Thankfully, there are many options for help when self-filing even with time running out. The IRS and a variety of tax software developers have teamed up to provide free tax software designed to help about 70 percent of taxpayers file their tax returns.

Despite all that free help, if you have certain kinds of accounts, it may be worthwhile for you to still consult a tax professional, and sign up for an appointment before it is too late. The Equifax Finance blog shares tax professional wisdom you may need in the new article, “

Filing Taxes: DIY or Hire a Tax Pro?”

Call a professional if you have:

  • Extensive investments in securities – when you have a either a large number of accounts or a great amount invested across accounts, retirement vehicles, IRAs and more, you need to have a professional check and double check so that you are properly accounted for. This can both help you avoid an audit and also help you find which lots of securities to sell for the most tax-beneficial gain or loss.
  • Have retirement plans in place – if you have plans in place that could be affected by estate and gift taxes that are being used toward your retirement, a tax professional can help you avoid paying more than you need to.

There are more tax tips, as well as knowledge about real estate, credit and

protection from identity theft available all from Equifax for free along with low-cost services to keep your credit protected!

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