new home in Augusta, Ga.If you’re looking for a quick move-in home for sale due to a family change, a job transfer or other major life-changing moments, you don’t have to settle for previously owned home. There are plenty of new homes for sale on the market, including the new homes from Keystone Homes. With Keystone, you can even personalize the home to your taste prior to your move.

Keystone Homes offer three important benefits for homebuyers when you are looking for a new home in Augusta.

  1. Money-saving utilities – It’s widely known that homes built today are more energy-efficient than ones built even five years ago. At Keystone Homes, we incorporate several energy-saving features in our newly built homes. We use Low E Energy Star windows, insulated exterior doors, OSB and house wrap to prevent moisture in your home. All of our homes come standard with Energy Star-rated appliances. These features are incorporated to maintain a comfortable air temperature inside your house, reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your new home in the summer and keep it cozy in the winter, all resulting in lower energy bills or you.
  2. Upgrades and customization – Another benefit to buying a new Keystone home as opposed to an older home is the ability to upgrade features as the home is being built. At Keystone, we have several homes that are partially or completely built, and they are ready for families that need to move in quickly. Depending upon how far along construction is, there are options available for you to personalize your home, such as choosing between different flooring options and installing custom countertops. Since we use professional installation experts, construction can be completed very quickly, which allows you to move into your new home in a timely fashion.
  3. Fresh start – One of the major advantages of buying a new home is that it gives you and your family a fresh start in a new place. There is no old wallpaper to tear down, repainting to be done or the changing of old fixtures. New homes are ready for your personal touch, and they are easy to upgrade to fit the needs and desires of you and your family.

When you’re searching for a new Augusta home, consider Keystone Homes. You will find unparalleled customer service, top-quality construction and spacious floor plans, all at an affordable price. For more information on our move-in ready homes, visit