Risk & Insurance ConsultantsIn the ever-changing field of healthcare, it is the job of Risk & Insurance Consultants to keep you up to date on current policies and practices. By doing so, they ensure your knowledge of how legislation, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), affects your Atlanta health insurance.

Following the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, PPACA is perhaps the most significant government expansion of the healthcare system to date. The legislation’s optimal goal is to decrease the amount of uninsured Americans and to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Though it was implemented in 2010, PPACA is still in the process of finalizing reforms and will continue to do so throughout the several years to come.

According to the HealthCare.gov, here is just a short timeline:

2013. Individuals and businesses can buy qualified and affordable benefit plans that adhere to the PPACA legislation. At Risk & Insurance Consultants, agents will ensure you receive the best health insurance catered to your individual needs.

2014. Tax credits will be issued to middle class families to help them afford insurance.

Ultimately, the ambition of PPACA is delivering a streamlined healthcare system. The PPACA will also work on improving the quality of healthcare received by patrons.

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Make sure to look over Risk & Insurance Consultants’ up and coming posts for a better understanding and breakdown of the PPACA for individuals and employers. Want to get in touch with them sooner? Call 404-459-5975, and ask for Donna Gross and Blake Molina.

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