Golf Communtiy Atlanta New HomesAt Heron Bay Golf & Country Club in Locust Grove, the Community Association does an absolutely fabulous job in insuring the routine maintenance of not just its common grounds, but in also keeping up curb appeal in the community.

How important is curb appeal when buying or selling a home? Curb appeal is the most powerful first impression. It is probably the most important selling feature of all. If you have great curb appeal on the outside, just imagine what is on the inside; everyone including potential homebuyers will want to see your home!

Just take a drive down Heron Bay Boulevard and see for yourself. Each of the homes along the boulevard in this master-planned community is very appealing to the eye. There are easy, fast and simple ways to increase curb appeal. Draw attention to your front door, make it the focal point of your curb appeal by changing the color, replacing old hardware, adding light fixtures and creating symmetry by placing planters on both sides. Another simple step if your windows are dirty is to clean them from the inside out, wipe down the screens, polish the door knobs and give them a fresh coat of paint. If it shined before, make it shine again! And, don’t forget about the landscaping – keep the lawn clean and mowed, add flowers with color and add a new layer of mulch. These steps will not only create curb appeal, but they will also create charm.

Creating and updating curb appeal is extremely important when selling your home because it specifically attracts more interested buyers. But, don’t forget that it is equally as important for the homeowner, so that they can enjoy their home to the fullest and enhance their sense of pride in home ownership.

Everyone – the homeowner, the purchaser, the neighborhood and the community – will benefit from any special maintenance and updates to the exterior of each home. Think about the term “curb appeal” the next time you drive by a home that catches your eye and deserves a second look, and then try to pinpoint exactly what feature you like most. It is possible that one feature is exactly what’s missing in your own home!

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