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Fidelity Bank Featured on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

Amy Buynoski, vice president, and mortgage banker with Fidelity Bank and Mickey Schilling, mortgage business development manager and vice president with Fidelity Bank, are guests on this week’s All About Real Estate episode of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. During our interview, Amy and Mickey gave us a little background on Fidelity Bank, which is the largest community bank in[...]

Good News For Atlanta New Homebuyers, USDA Financing Is Back

In June, the USDA announced that it would no longer extend loans to first-time homebuyers. This was a big blow to those looking to buy Atlanta new homes and Atlanta real estate as USDA financing is the only program that allows first time buyers to purchase their new homes with absolutely no money down. However, there is now a unanimous sigh[...]

USDA Loans Make Zero Down a Possibility

USDA Rural Development loans are proving to be a bright alternative  among the seemingly ongoing restrictions and regulations that preclude many potential first time buyers from home ownership. Offered through the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) to promote and stimulate home sales and development in rural areas, Rural Development (RD) loans have been a silver lining in an otherwise challenging[...]