SR Homes Opens Decorated Model Home at Chimney Creek

New Home Trends: What’s Popular for Today’s Buyers?

New Home Trends Home trends are constantly changing and the world of homebuilding is no exception. The wants and needs of homebuyers have changed drastically throughout the years, and the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) can certainly be seen in current trends. One major trend is an increased desire for space to accommodate areas to work from home and do online school[...]

Atlanta skyline

Hottest Housing Markets for the Next Five Years

What are the hottest housing markets?  We all know that real estate sales are hot! How does the Atlanta new home market stack up?  According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) the metropolitan Atlanta new home market ranks No. 3 behind Houston and Dallas for total single family permits pulled from 2011 to 2020. (Our sources at MarketNsight[...]

Photo portraying a single family home in Heron Bay located in Locust Grove, Georgia

Live, Work, Play at Heron Bay

Designed by famed architect Jeff Burton in 2004, the golf course at Heron Bay Golf and Country Club is 7,000 yards of perfect fairways on the outskirts of Henry County in Locust Grove. Initially an exclusive destination for golf connoisseurs, Heron Bay became a homeowners’ retreat in 2008 when award-winning property-developer Minerva Properties unveiled a plan to turn the commercial center into[...]

Super-commuting is on the Rise

A 30 minute or more commute to get to work is not uncommon in today’s society, but a new report from New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management finds that the “super-commuting” trend is on the rise. A “super-commuter” is defined as a person who commutes from one metropolitan area to another for work, often traveling 60[...]

High Rise Trash Becomes Greener

As more and more emphasis is placed on becoming green and building green, Nu-Recycling Technology Inc. introduces the NuReTec 3000 Automatic Recycling Stytem.  This automated recycling system is designed to work with just one chute and at the touch of the button.  The company anticipates much interest from multifamily housing professionals including architects, developers and other construction professionals as they[...]

Consumers choose "green building" to save on energy costs

It's simple, really. Consumers see "green building" as something that will save them money on energy costs. A survey conducted for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirms that a desire for greater energy efficiency drives consumers to choose a green-built home. The survey, conducted during the week of Oct. 15 by the Public Opinion Strategies, polled 800 folks nationwide about[...]