image showing a miniature house surrounded by tools to represent pre-summer home maintenance

The Ultimate Pre-Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

With hot summer days on the horizon, homeowners must get their homes ready for increased humidity and higher temperatures. Before breaking out the floppy hat and sunscreen, don’t miss crucial pre-summer home maintenance tasks to make sure the house is ready for the hot summer sun. Indoor Tasks Check HVAC filters: Prepare for pollen season with new HVAC filters. New filters[...]

Tidying Tips for Spring Cleaning This Year

It’s that time of the year again, where closets are cleaned, floors are scrubbed and everyone’s homes are spotless.  Not everyone can stay on top of spring cleaning and that’s okay, so here are some tips to help ensure your house is at its cleanest. Fill your dishwasher with anything but dishes: Dishwashers can clean almost anything you want deep cleaned[...]