Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: Risk & Insurance Consultants

  We are honored this week to have J. Henry Chambers, account executive with Risk & Insurance Consultants join us in the studio for the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show. J. Henry talks us through the importance of homeowner's insurance and how vital it is to have a local insurance agent that you can trust and call upon when disaster[...]

The What and How of Business Interruption Coverage

The importance of having business interruption coverage is emphasized by commercial insurance consultants everywhere, such as Risk & Insurance Consultants in Atlanta. But first and foremost, what exactly does business interruption coverage entail? Business interruption coverage reimburses insured customers for loss of income resulting directly from interruption of other businesses. The term “interruption” may refer to damage to or destruction of real[...]

Look No Further: The Best Commercial Insurance Coverage in Atlanta is Here

What is the benefit of using an independent insurance agency over a large company, one might ask? Risk & Insurance Consultants offers an explanation to this inquiry. The number one benefit is that they are there to represent YOU, helping you find the best commercial insurance coverage in Atlanta. By putting the client first, Risk & Insurance Consultants finds the best[...]

Commercial Insurance in Atlanta is Important

Many take it for granted, but commercial insurance in Atlanta is very important. With help from Risk & Insurance Consultants, you can obtain the best type of insurance for you and your business. Risk & Insurance Consultants offers a variety of coverage. This includes liability, property and workers’ compensation insurance. Here is an outline of each one: 1.    Liability insurance. Be sure[...]