Gainesville Named Among Most Affordable Towns to Retire in 2019

Gainesville Named Among Most Affordable Towns to Retire in 2019

Earlier this year, Builder Online named Gainesville, Georgia, one of the Most Affordable Small Towns to Retire in 2019. Gainesville, known as the “Hospitality Capital of the World,” sits nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounds the calm waters of Lake Lanier. The town offers residents ample leisure and activity opportunities with an endless array of[...]

How to Allocate Your Savings

  If you have a retirement account in addition to other savings accounts, it can be hard to determine which one takes priority. As important as retirement accounts are, it’s also important to regularly contribute to an emergency savings account, as well as a “rainy day” fund. The percentage of your income that you contribute to each account will vary during different[...]

Equifax Recommends Against Using Retirement Savings to Pay Down Debt

Many Atlantans who are saving for retirement but have credit card debt may consider using those retirement savings to pay off the high-interest debt. According to data from the Federal Reserve, the average American household has $15,480 worth of debt, while more than 77 million Americans have debt in collections. With such a staggering amount of people in debt, it’s no[...]