Bill Benzur with Georgia Ready Mix Concrete Association joins Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast.

Georgia Ready Mix Concrete Association: Building Georgia Strong

Bill Benzur, executive director of Georgia Ready Mix Concrete Association (GRMCA), joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to touch on the relationship between concrete and residential housing. On the All About Real Estate segment, Benzur sits down with host Carol Morgan to discuss the areas of Georgia that are growing the fastest. Founded in 1968, the GRMCA is a non-profit[...]

Builders Club Rewards Welcomes New Sponsor Pike Consulting Group

  In 2009, the current Federal administration increased the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Enforcement officers in the State of Georgia. The legislative blocks placed on residential construction were removed, thus introducing the same guidelines previously used only in commercial construction. As a contractor, Mitchell Smith was aware that OSHA was now prevalent in the residential construction industry and[...]