Real Estate Provides Retirement Savings Alternatives

If your retirement savings took a hit that they haven’t yet been able to recover from after the recession, you are like the many Americans now facing losses in your nest egg. Instead of watching your money stay stagnant or decrease rather than grow, you should explore alternative ways to save. The Equifax Finance Blog shares some insightful ideas for making[...]

Consider Tax Implications when Renovating

There are a lot of weighty decisions to make if you are considering renovating your home or other real estate. These decisions just don’t include what kind of tile to place or ceiling fan to install. There are a lot of advantages that can be enjoyed if you consider the benefits of state and federal tax credits too! The Equifax Finance[...]

Why HOA’s H-E-L-P

By Josh Irwin, Associate Broker As a real estate professional, many new home shoppers have asked me over the years, “Why does the community need a homeowner’s association?” Before the Internet, I would spend an hour or two talking my clients through the values of a homeowners association, or HOA, and why master-planned communities benefit from well defined and active associations.  Now,[...]