As Tax Day Draws Near, Owners of Atlanta Real Estate See Savings

    As the April 18 federal income tax filing deadline quickly approaches, many owners of Atlanta real estate see the financial benefits of homeownership—savings that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over several years. "The mortgage interest deduction is one homeownership tax incentive that has been part of the tax code for nearly 100 years," said Bob Nielsen, chairman[...]

    What Makes Atlanta Real Estate Property Taxes Go Up?

    Why do property taxes go up or down? What impacts them? Why is my property tax bill higher than last year when my assessment stayed the same or even dropped? Here are some tips on your property taxes from Atlanta real estate agent Mark Crouch and closing attorneys Neel and Robinson. County and city homestead exemptions may have been removed, especially[...]

    New Bill Makes Appealing Property Taxes Easier

    Georgia homeowners who are concerned that they are paying too much in property taxes may soon find an easier, more streamlined appeals process. Senate Bill 346 introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R - Woodstock, Ga) would create a statewide standardized appeals process.  One of the provisions in the bill will require that counties send property valuation notices annually[...]