MarketNsight Reveals Decrease in July Pending Sales

MarketNsight Reveals 18% Decrease in Pending Sales Year to Year

Bright Spot: New home pending sales are up 48% year over year since February MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that pending sales in July were down 18% year to year – showing no significant change from the 19% decrease revealed in its January 2023 update. Unless interest rates drop significantly in the next few months, pending[...]

MarketNsight Permits Up

MarketNsight Reports Atlanta Pending Home Sales Continue to Surpass June Records

MarketNsight reports June new Atlanta pending home sales continue to exceed 2019 sales, even as COVID-19 (coronavirus) Georgia cases continue to increase. According to MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt, week three of June 2020 was up 31% year-to-year with a lag and will be up 43% year to year when the lag is accounted for. The first three weeks of[...]

MarketNsight Reveals New Pending Sales Up 18% Over Last Year

MarketNsight Reveals New Pending Sales Up 18% Over Last Year

MarketNsight is cautiously releasing data showing that new pending sales in the first half of May 2020 are up 18% over the same period the year before. “We are all learning through this,” MarketNsight Principal John Hunt said. “Perhaps the biggest lesson is that you can actually sell new homes in the middle of a pandemic.” “We reported last week that after[...]