MarketNsight Atlanta new home inventory

MarketNsight Predicts 10 Years to Reach Normal Atlanta New Home Inventory

There is no housing bubble in Atlanta, according to MarketNsight Founder and Principal John Hunt. Historically low home inventory will take 10 years to reach normal levels as the market is short 92,000 homes on an annualized basis. Housing analysis firm MarketNsight recently held its biannual MarketWatch Atlanta event where Hunt gave a market update and his predictions for the[...]

Inventory of Condos In Midtown Dwindling

Current real estate market conditions such as low prices and low interest rates have been enticing more and more buyers to purchase new homes. However, because more people are buying and builders are constructing new homes at a slower pace, new home inventory is reaching an all-time low. Our condos in Midtown are no exception; with over 70 percent of[...]