Customer Service Comes First at Caliber Home Loans Caliber Home Loans in Atlanta discusses the importance of customer service at Caliber Home Loans. When looking to buy a home and looking for the right mortgage company to work with, you want to be sure the lender you choose cares for you as an individual client.  Just like in every other business, great customer service should always be the number[...]

    Caliber Home Loans: Mortgage Minutes

    [youtube] Kelly Allison, the southeast regional vice president at Caliber Home Loans Atlanta, talks about the amazing customer service Caliber Home Loans offers on the most recent segment of Mortgage Minutes. Caliber Home Loans is a mortgage lender created by industry experts who understand the challenges of today’s home financing market. Everyone at Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is part of a[...]

    Caliber Home Loans’ Mortgage Minutes

    [youtube] On the newest segment of Mortgage Minutes sponsored by Caliber Home Loans, Kim Arrington, a local branch manager, joins us to talk about all of the new mortgage products available. For those of you who don’t feel like you’re ready to purchase a home right now, let Caliber Home Loans put your mind at ease knowing that you can. One[...]

    Caliber Home Loans’ Positive Client Experience

    [youtube] This segment of Caliber Home Loans’ Mortgage Minutes is all about the painless process of getting a mortgage. Senior Mortgage Loan Officers Jill McKinney and Jeff Glick talk about their experiences with Caliber Home Loans and how hassle-free the Caliber Home Loan process is. Jeff talks about how great his experience has been working for such a positive and outgoing[...]

    Mortgage Minutes with Caliber Home Loans

    [youtube] This segment of Caliber Home Loans’ Mortgage Minutes is all about why you should choose Caliber Home Loans as your mortgage lender. Senior Mortgage Loan Officer Jane Schatz tells us how “rockin’ and rollin’” the Atlanta homebuying business has been this year and how you should be a Caliber Home Loans borrower. Caliber Home Loans isn’t your average bank -[...]