Caliber Home Loans Offers Support to Veterans

    [youtube] Caliber Home Loans is always looking to help out homebuyers and put them into the right home for them. Securing a loan is a crucial step in the home buying process, and veterans are one group that may face greater difficulty in getting the loan they need. However, as our motto says, “Let us guide you home,” Caliber Home Loans[...]

    Should I Pay Discounts Points on My Mortgage?

    [youtube] Academy Mortgage is continuing to answer the top 10 questions new home buyers have about mortgages in its weekly Mortgage Minute series. For this week, Gina Spearman answers the popular question. “Should I pay discount points?” Choosing to decide whether or not you want to pay discount points depends on several factors. Discount points are an additional fee that you[...]

    KM Homes Offers Three Preferred Lenders Giving a Variety of Loan Options to Homebuyers

    KM Homes is proud to help homebuyers from all walks of life realize their dreams of homeownership. Because of the wide range of financial needs our customers have, we now offer options from three different preferred lenders- LoanSouth Mortgage, Fidelity Bank, and SunTrust Mortgage. With the services from these companies, KM Homes can make buying your dream home a simple[...]