Deako Smart Lighting

How Smart is Your Lighting?

Artisan Built Communities offers homebuyers Smart Lighting as well as a variety of upgrades at NatureWalk at Seven Hills in Paulding County that truly enhance the lifestyle within the home. One of the new features offered is Deako Smart Lighting. Artisan Built homebuyers love the idea of customizing their homes; however, home customization goes beyond just selecting cabinet colors and detailed[...]

Lighting Trends: Compact Flourescent Versus Incandescent

What is your favorite type of lighting? Choices on the market today include incandescent, fluorescent, LED (light emitting diodes) or HID (high-intensity discharge). These lighting choices offer a wide range of colors and solutions, not to mention they create a wide array of lighting trends. All of that aside, chances are you answered incandescent. Right? Most Atlanta homeowners prefer the[...]