What is an All-In-One Mortgage?

All-in-one mortgages are a relatively new product and trendy mortgage product for American homeowners, but they’ve popular in England and Australia for years. This product, also known as an “accelerated mortgage,” allows homeowners to pay more toward their mortgage to limit interest payments while also allowing them to keep more cash on hand. This relatively new mortgage product is explained[...]

Tips for Refinancing Your Mortgage

With the low interest rates, many homeowners are interested in refinancing their mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage will not only lower the interest rates, but it will also lower the monthly payments. If you are considering refinancing your mortgage, timing is everything. If you wait too long to refinance your mortgage, interest rates could climb essentially costing you a significant amount of[...]

National Homeownership Month is Perfect Time for Educating Homeowners

The National Association of Home Builders celebrates June as National Homeownership Month in recognition of the fact that being a homeowner has long been the foundation of the American dream. Owning a home provides more than just shelter for your family and a home for your most valued treasures. For generations of Americans, owning your own home has also meant[...]