Trend Alert: Millennial Home Buyers Choosing Dog-Friendly Homes

CNBC recently reported that "millennial-age Americans are prioritizing their furry best friends over nuptials or babies when it comes to house hunting." According a recent SunTrust Mortgage survey, 33 percent of millennials who bought their first homes said that the need for dog-friendly features including yard space, a dog-friendly community or more interior space influenced their choosing to buy instead of[...]

New Home Trends: What’s Popular for Today's Buyers?

Trends are constantly changing, and the world of homebuilding is no exception. The wants and needs of home buyers have changed drastically throughout the years, and a recent article on highlights the current trends in new home amenities. According to a new survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builders and remodelers reported buyers’ most-requested amenity as being[...]

Edward Andrews Homes and the Latest in Home Technology

In the modern world, technology has an answer for everything. There are smart cars, smart phones and even smart homes. One of the newest trends is syncing features of your home’s technology to your phone, making them accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re turning on the air conditioner or turning off the iron, there’s an app for almost anything[...]

Surveyed Home Builders Point to New Home Trends in 2014

With the Atlanta real estate market charging into 2014 and standing inventory remaining low, home builders are constructing homes at a faster pace than they have in years. Knowing what the competition is doing is a key factor to success in any industry, and home building is no exception. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey to[...]

10 "Musts" for Your New Home

What are the BIG trends in the home building industry for 2010? Well, it may be a little surprising to find out that the biggest trend is downsizing. Traditionally, home buyers have been seeking spacious, lavish homes with all the amenities as well as extra rooms, like a home theater or present wrapping room, to complement their unique abode. However, this[...]

Brick With a New Twist

Brick is a popular material for exteriors of homes, and it can even be seen in some trendy lofts in downtown Atlanta. A normal place that brick is seen inside a home is around the fireplace, adding a cozy feeling and a virtually maintenance-free background. But brick interior walls in other areas of Atlanta new homes are beginning to emerge[...]