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Accelerated Demand for Quick Home Construction Financing

As the housing market heats up, home builders are feeling the pressure to expedite projects. This urgency to meet growing demand has spotlighted the role of agile private lenders, such as SRP Lending, who can offer rapid loan approval turnarounds for construction financing. Traditional banks, with their layered processes and stringent criteria, often can't keep pace with the current market dynamics.[...]

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Financing New Home Construction: Navigating the Maze of Challenges

Financing new home construction has never been without its challenges. Home builders and remodelers constantly grapple with a shifting landscape of financial constraints, regulatory hurdles and market uncertainties. But with the right partner, these challenges can transform into growth opportunities. One of the primary challenges builders face is securing flexible and timely financing. Traditional banks often have rigid lending criteria and[...]

Guaranty Mortgage: Ready to Serve Atlanta in 2017

The Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show is joined by Guaranty Mortgage Loan Originator Joy James on this week’s edition of All About Real Estate to discuss the full-service lender with co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick. According to James, Guaranty Mortgage specializes within the Realtor community and builders, but is equipped to work with anyone looking to purchase and finance[...]

Good News For Atlanta New Homebuyers, USDA Financing Is Back

In June, the USDA announced that it would no longer extend loans to first-time homebuyers. This was a big blow to those looking to buy Atlanta new homes and Atlanta real estate as USDA financing is the only program that allows first time buyers to purchase their new homes with absolutely no money down. However, there is now a unanimous sigh[...]

Home Mortgage Questions Answered: Reverse Mortgages

With all the news about the nation’s credit crisis, Atlanta Real Estate Forum (AREF)  brings you a series on the world of home mortgages. We’ve asked the experts at Five Star Mortgage about today’s best options for financing or refinancing your Atlanta home. In our first installment, Barbara Klonga, Five Star Mortgage’s expert on reverse mortgages, offers insight on the[...]