Adrion Bell with the Georgia Rental Assistance Program on Radio

How Can I Get Rental Assistance?

Director of Marketing and Communications with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Adrion Bell joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the Georgia Rental Assistance Program. Bell joins hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the All About Real Estate segment. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs is a state agency that manages over 79 programs. From the Georgia Dream Program to the Housing[...]

Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Drops

Although the unemployment rate continues to be high nationwide, Georgia is showing promising signs of getting back to work. According to Atlanta Business Chronicle, November 2011 was the second consecutive month in which the unemployment rate declined. The rate dropped .3 points to 9.9 percent a little over a month ago, marking the largest monthly decline in 34 years. The good[...]

More People Relocating to Atlanta as Metro Atlanta Companies Grow

There is great news coming out of the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. During the week of July 22, the Department of Economic Development hosted a press conference where they revealed that 43 companies have decided to either move their operations to the Atlanta area or expand, which will result in an anticipated[...]