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Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Keeping Atlanta’s Financial New Year’s Resolutions

For the beginning of the new year, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick have teamed up with several Atlanta locals who are there to help guide Atlantans through the process of keeping their New Year’s resolutions, whether those are personal, financial or fitness-related. Today's guest on the Around Atlanta edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is Kristen Fricks-Roman, Senior[...]

Find Financial Freedom by Paying Off Credit Card Debt

As the outlook for the economy becomes brighter, consumers are becoming more confident in their financial situation and less cautious with their spending. This changed perspective can lead to reckless consumer spending, and consequently more credit card debt. While spending more than you make is usually unsustainable, sustainability depends on your income, expenses and other personal circumstances. A recent article on[...]

Plan Ahead to Reach Financial Goals with a Variable Income

If you have a variable income, with a job based around commissions or are self-employed, it’s even more important to develop a strong strategy to reach your financial goals. The Equifax Finance Blog has a new article that can help, whether your goals are to purchase real estate in Atlanta or just feel less stress when paying bills. You can read[...]