Evo Group Holdings

Evo Group Holdings Discusses Sustainable Housing

Sustainable living is no longer a forgotten dream, especially in Atlanta’s booming real-estate market. Builders like Evo Group Holdings strive to deliver beautiful and sustainable housing to the Atlanta area utilizing shipping containers. CEO and Director of Real Estate Majesty Gayle and Chief Marketing Officer Elize’ Gayle are today’s guests on the All About Atlanta Real Estate segment of Atlanta[...]

Right Choice Commercial

Right Choice – It’s What You Don’t See

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rUDkCV25EE When building a home, most homebuyers focus on color selections, flooring, finishes and fixtures. All these elements are important for looks and comfort, but it’s what is behind your walls that needs the most attention. What makes a Right Choice Home so energy efficient are the things you cannot see once the home is built – the details behind the walls[...]

venture homes

Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy with Jackson EMC

Since its founding in 1938, Jackson EMC has been committed to making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Today, thanks to technological advances that were not available at the company’s founding, Jackson EMC can provide energy-efficiency help to homeowners from the comfort of their computers. Jackson EMC’s Online Resources for homeowners include DIY Energy Projects, so residents can keep track of[...]


Visit Jackson EMC at the 2018 North Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo

The 2018 North Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo is coming soon! From February 9 to 11 at Gwinnett County’s Infinite Energy Center, attendees can browse hundreds of exhibits and enjoy seminars covering a diverse range of topics, including home energy-efficiency. Jackson EMC will be at the show to answer any questions attendees have about energy-efficient living. Visitors can visit[...]

cablik enterprises

Ty Talks: Renewable Energy with Jackson EMC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1eR7fwkSrQ With so many facets of renewable energy available, it is hard to determine which can be best utilized in creating a more energy-efficient home. In this Ty Talks episode presented by Jackson EMC, TV host and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses solar power and how to leverage renewable energy at home. “Having an energy-efficient lifestyle helps ensure that we keep[...]

Ty Talks: Remodeling Presented by Jackson EMC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl4m8h2jeos Television star and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses residential remodeling for both style and energy efficiency in Jackson EMC’s latest Ty Talks installment. According to Ty, the difference between updating a home for style versus energy efficiency is want versus need. The beauty of remodeling is that it serves as the opportune time to make improvements in both areas! Ty explains[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Insulation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hep77cPmg5k In Jackson EMC’s latest Ty Talks installment, television star and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses insulation and ideas for properly insulating your home to maintain its “thermal envelope.” In order for a home’s energy-efficient technologies to make their greatest impact, the home’s thermal envelope has to be optimized to properly and effectively shield it from the outdoor elements. This envelope[...]