Graphic advertising Camille Russell Love on the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the ELEVATE Arts Festival

ELEVATE Atlanta Art Festival Celebrates Art, Culture

Long-serving director of cultural affairs for Atlanta, Camille Russell Love joins Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the upcoming ELEVATE Atlanta Art Festival and celebrating the art and culture scene in Atlanta. Love joins hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the Around Atlanta segment. The Office of Cultural Affairs supports the Atlanta art community through grants, art installations, public classes and public[...]

ELEVATE Public Art Festival Provides Atlanta with Cultural Experience

ELEVATE Public Art Festival Brings Downtown Atlanta to Life

Art is created from a variety of motives and captures human experiences of all kinds and Atlanta provides an unmatched accessibility to the many kinds art. From October 14 through 21, Atlantans can encounter local, national and international art and cultural events for free at the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs' public art festival. On today's Around[...]